Globale @ ZKM Karslruhe

from June 21 until Sept 27, 2015
Wermke/Leinkauf @ Globale

The new polyphonic, multipolar art form, the GLOBALE, laboratory and academy at the same time, will begin with the 300th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe in June 2015 and then continue for 300 days. It focuses on the cultural effects of globalization and digitalization, which both influence life on our planet. Exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, conferences and symposia show the crucial artistic, social and scientific trends of the 21st Century for the first time.


European Academy Award - Nomination "Symbolic Threats"

"Symbolic Threats" is nominated for the European Academy Award for Best European Short Film 2015.
Award Ceremony on December 12.
European Film Awards

"Symbolic Threats"
2015, 15 Min, DCP
by Leinkauf/Henke/Wermke

Poetry or threat? An act of surrender or perhaps art? These were the theories that New York puzzled over last summer. How can one incident be interpreted in so many ways? By means of press reports, Symbolic Threats allows the public at large to express their extreme disparity of interpretation. Inspired by the heated debate over the two „White American Flags“ that suddenly appeared on the towers of New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the film asks what kind of societal scope art has in the present day. What happens when threatened freedom reinstates art with the element of danger? Who or what makes it into a threat? Are we safe in the city? What is next?


White American Flags

Suddenly you see this steel poetry [...]. It puts everything to shame and makes you wonder what else we could have done that was so marvelous and so unpresumptuous. [...] He [John A. Roebling] really aspired to do something gorgeous. So it makes you feel that maybe you, too, could add something that would last and be beautiful.
(Arthur Miller in ”Brooklyn Bridge“ by Ken Burns, 1981)

On the night of July 21st to July 22nd Wermke/Leinkauf hoisted two hand-sewn white American flags on the towers of Brooklyn Bridge.
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published by snoeck
Texts (german/english) by Xander Karskens and Bettina Klein
136 pages with 250 color images
Format: 30x22cm, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-86442-056-6