"NON PROFIT - Nutzlose Nutzbarkeiten Jenseits von Nutzen"

Wermke/Leinkauf at Kunstverein Friedrichshafen & Zeppelin Museum
Jan 23 - Mar 08, 2015
Opening, Jan 22, 7pm
Finisage and artist talk, Mar 08, 11am


White American Flags

Suddenly you see this steel poetry [...]. It puts everything to shame and makes you wonder what else we could have done that was so marvelous and so unpresumptuous. [...] He [John A. Roebling] really aspired to do something gorgeous. So it makes you feel that maybe you, too, could add something that would last and be beautiful.
(Arthur Miller in ”Brooklyn Bridge“ by Ken Burns, 1981)

On the night of July 21st to July 22nd Wermke/Leinkauf hoisted two hand-sewn white American flags on the towers of Brooklyn Bridge.
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published by snoeck
Texts (german/english) by Xander Karskens and Bettina Klein
136 pages with 250 color images
Format: 30x22cm, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-86442-056-6